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Top Brand Award, Latest Award for Comforta

  • andi Irawan D, CEO dan Founder Frontier Consulting Group menyerahkan penghargaan TOP BRAND AWARD 2015 untuk Comforta sebagai pemenang di kategori bedding dengan index 10,6% kepada Jeffri Massie, President Director Massindo Group.
  • Piagam Penghargaan TOP BRAND AWARD 2015 untuk Comforta.
  • ki-ka: Witarsa Sugeng (Commisioner Massindo Group), Jackson Massie (Group Director of Massindo Group Central and East Region), William Massie (Founder and Commisioner Massindo Group), Handi Irawan D (CEO and Founder Frontier Consulting Group) dan Jeffri Massie (President Director Massindo Group).

Jakarta, February 13, 2015 - Comforta which is a national spring bed brand of Massindo Group, successfully took home awards at the event TOP Brand Award 2015 in bedding category from Frontier Consulting Group and Marketing Magazine held at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Thursday (12/2) night.

Top Brand Award is the highest gift for a brand, based on the results of a national survey in 11 major cities in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Pekanbaru, Balikpapan, Palembang, Samarinda and Denpasar) the number of respondents as many as 6000 people . The award is given to brands in certain product categories that meet the TOP criteria based on a survey conducted by Frontier Consulting Group.

Jeffri Massie, President Director of Massindo Group said it was very proud of this achievement. “We’ve been looking forward to this prestigious and reliable award since 10 years ago. Top Brand Award is a means of measurement of what activities we’ve done as well as planned and future prospects,” he said.

Not only that, Jeffri also said thank all those who contributed to the achievement of the awarding Comforta this time. “We are grateful to the large family of Comforta, dealers, suppliers, staff and employees who have worked together very well to reach the Top Brand Award 2015. Once again we thank to Indonesian consumers who already believe in Comforta as Top Brand Winner 2015 in bedding category. In 2015, the Massindo Group also expects Comforta sales can grow up to 20-30% percent both for domestic and overseas markets,” he added.

Massindo Group is very active in building Comforta brand to increase mind share, market share and commitment share by expanding its distribution network and carry out improvement on every product of Comforta.

Timothy Purnomo as Corporate Brand Manager of Massindo Group added, “Massindo Group always consistently perform Integrated Marketing Communication as good as possible. Starting from committed to achieving the vision and mission of Massindo Group, until never stop to introduce Comforta through various channels both in the realm of ATL and BTL. Direct marketing also, we do it aggressively, such as holding exhibitions in more than 20 major cities in Indonesia with more than 280 times a year,” he said on the sidelines of the Top Brand Award 2015.

Not only there, Massindo Group has also penetrated into the eCommerce world by building partnerships with some of largest eCommerce company in Indonesia, even today Massindo Group already has its own eCommerce channel. Comforta also very active in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

Since 2000, Handi Irawan as the Founder and CEO of Top Brand Award has entered the Top Brand Survey, but the new administration made the Top Brand Award in 2007. Today, Top Brand Award has entered the 16th year and involves measuring not less than 2,000 brand . The event is usually held twice a year ie Top Brand Phase I and Phase II. Top Brand Survey 2015 Phase 1 consists of two types of panels that survey respondents targeting B2C and B2B respondents targets.

Top Brand Survey respondents B2C involves 7,500 random sample and 1,600 samples booster. B2C respondents criteria for a random sample of men and women aged 15-65 years with SES-D to SES-A and using multistage random sampling method. While the booster sample criteria derived from the level of SES-A and taken to increase the incident rate of premium products using purposive sampling method.

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