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Sleep Center Tunjungan Plaza, Where The Largest and Widest Premium Products are Displayed

  • 2nd September 20142/09/14
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Surabaya, September 2, 2014 – To meet convenience for consumers and provide a total of both products and proximity to customers, Massindo Group is inaugurating the largest and broadest Sleep Center in Eastern Indonesia precisely in Tunjungan Plaza Mall, Surabaya, today (2/09).

“The opening of Tunjungan Plaza Sleep Center is an honor for us as Sleep Center can be present in the most prestigious mall in Surabaya and alongside high-end boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Aigner, Alfred Dunhill and other boutique brands. Sleep Center Tunjungan Plaza was remarkable in this respect, not only presenting in the most exclusive mall in Eastern Indonesia but became Sleep Center with the most extensive retail space, which is nearly 4,000 square feet,” said Jackson Massie, Group Director of Massindo Group in Central and Eastern parts of Indonesia.

In buying a mattress, premium mattress moreover, is very important for consumers to see, feel, even try to sleep on a mattress for comfort directly. By becoming the largest and greatest Sleep Center, it is very possible, because of the overall portfolio of premium bedding like Myside, Spring Water, Therapedic, Protect-A-Bed and Comforta can be displayed fully in one place.

“As a bedding company, we also understand the convenience is the number one thing that is wanted by the customer. This comfort is shown by us either through the services of friendly and professional Sleep Consultant, relaxed and modern interiors and showroom and of course through our products which have got a wide range of national and international recognition for the comfort and quality,” said Jackson.

Sleep Center Plaza Tunjungan is the third outlet in Surabaya. The ceremony Sleep Center located in Tunjungan Plaza 4 lt. 4, was attended by directors of Massindo Group. Cutting the ribbon to mark the official Sleep Center at Tunjungan Plaza Mall is done by Jeffri Massie, President Director Massindo Group and Jackson Massie, Group Director Massindo Group in Central and Eastern parts of Indonesia.

With great effort and support from all customers, we hope Massindo in East Java can increase sales, especially for the premium segment bedding. “So far we can feel the growth above 20% and approaching the end of this year is expected to continue rising,” added Jackson.

Sleep Center at Tunjungan Plaza offers the ultimate shopping experience concept, with more displays of premium products from mat brands under the auspices of Massindo Group. “We are very confident, Sleep Center can help many consumers in East Java to be able to rest well at night. In addition, our expectations with the opening of The Sleep Center typically have a target to double the sales of our latest product from the USA, namely Myside. This is a customized mattress product according to the customer’s body shape.

About the Sleep Center

Sleep Center is a bedding showroom that offers the concept of “One Stop Shopping” to the consumer. Various types of mattresses can be found at the Sleep Center, ranging from economical to premium types. Products, which are available at the Sleep Center, consists of a local brand and four International brand which has now become the flagship product in Indonesia. The five brands include: Comforta, Spring Water, Therapedic, Myside and Protect A Bed.

When compared with the most spring bed showroom, Sleep Center has its own advantages. Sleep Consultants, is one of the advantage from Sleep Center. “We have a highly trained Sleep Consultants, not only in terms of sales and customer service, but also trained about the knowledge of sleep. So, they can provide a solution for the customer who comes to meet the needs of their bedding. Moreover, the design and concept of Sleep Center are very comfortable to meet all five elements of the See, Touch, Feel, Smell and Taste.

In addition, the Sleep Center is presenting new technology called BedMatch from SleepToLive Institute of America, which is a diagnostic system that can analyze and measure the weight distribution based on appropriate sleep position. The result from BedMatch Analysis has a high degree of accuracy, so it can accurately determine the type of comfort that needed. By doing so, BedMatch enable consumers to easily find the mattress that is most appropriate and suitable for their bodies, “said Jeffri Massie, President Director Massindo Group.

“Sleep Center always provides a wide range of best deals for customers. Aside from the special promo that we always update every month, Sleep Center is also working with various banks to facilitate transactions convenience. In fact, we also provide installment and various additional discount. We also often hold special surprise promo for Sleep Center visitors,” said Jeffri.

Currently Massindo Group Sleep Center showroom has been serving customers in various regions in Indonesia. In Jakarta, among others; Puri Indah Mall, Central Park Mall, Plaza Semanggi, Lippo Mall Kemang, Pluit Village, Baywalk Mall Green Bay Pluit, Taman Anggrek Mall, Sleep Shop at Emporium and Mall Artha Gading Mall.

In 2014, the Massindo Group also has opened a new showroom in Medan precisely at Plaza Medan Fair, Sleep Center at Jl. Dewi Sri, Bali, Sleep Center at Grand City Mall Surabaya and Bedding Solution at Parahyangan, Bandung.

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