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Massindo Group Donated 2000 Foam Mattress For Manado and Jakarta

Jakarta, January 24, 2014 – Massive floods that hit Manado, North Sulawesi since last January 15, 2014, killed 19 people. Thousands of homes were flooded and damaged by tens of thousands of Manado from various districts, were forced to evacuate to a safer location. In response to the disaster that hit Manado, Massindo Group as one of the largest mattress company in Indonesia donated 1000 units of foam mattresses to Manado.

Donations in 1000 this mattress directly given to the flood victims of Manado city which   is divided into eight most severe, the city of Manado, Tomohon, Minahasa, North Minahasa, South Minahasa, Southeast Minahasa, and Sangihe Islands Sitaro.

“We felt very burdened to see the suffering of Manado. We can’t stay silent and just watched the news of their suffering without doing anything. Massindo Group and all employees which scattered in various cities in Indonesia and also added that the presence of many other parties are also concerned donors, fundraising action to flood victims in the form of Manado 1000 Foam mattress, “said Jeffri Massie , President Director Massindo Group .

Jeffri added, in distributing these mattresses, Massindo Group Manado region team also aided by some local residents gave away a mattress in a refugee. “Our entire management layer in Manado intervene immediately clean the houses of our employees and our subscription stores affected. In Manado office, we also opened a public kitchen for flood victims. Headquarters in Jakarta and branches in other cities of  Massindo Group was busy collecting funds and goods to be donated to the Society of Manado, “he continued.

Originally, the donation provided to refugees flooding not only a mattress, but there are also logistical support in the form of fast food, rice, cereals, tea, coffee, sugar, instant noodles, biscuits, mineral water, a gas stove, gas cylinder 3kg, milk, baby diapers, clothing, underwear and others.

As is known , Massindo Group has 15 branches throughout Indonesia and Manado is one of the biggest branches. Some employees Massindo Group Manado region also become of the flood victims.

Conditions Manado is still cause for concern. For some locations of the flooded puddles still quite high , while other locations had subsided but still filled with mud .

Not only Manado, Jakarta became one of the locations that need to be highlighted because at some point the area was also hit by flooding due to heavy rainfall that occurred since January 14, 2014.

Massindo Group also donated 1000 blankets and 1000 mattresses to the location of flooding in Jakarta. Through post “Massindo Peduli” which opened at the headquarters Massindo Group, Taman Kebon Jeruk street, Meruya-South Jakarta, Massindo Group and other donors, not just donated the mattress but also provide logistical support in the form of meals, snacks and mineral water. There also clothes, gas stove and 3kg gas cylinder along with the other main requirement is currently required by the Jakarta flood victims, especially in the area of Green Garden, Kampung Melayu, Kampung Pulo and Bekasi.

“The team will also opened a public kitchen to several locations floods in Jakarta, giving some meal to flood victims, logistic and other that they needed. Thank you to all and especially to the donors who are also making the CSR activities is managed and run well,” said Jeffri.

Corporate Social Responcibility (CSR) the flood victims is a second time for Massindo Group. January 2013, Massindo Group has also been doing social action that is similar which donated a foam mattresses for the flood victims in Pluit, North Jakarta.

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