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Launching of Spring Air 2017 at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

Jakarta, September 22nd 2016 - Mr. Eric Spitzer, the Global Chief Operating Officer of SPRING AIR INTERNATIONAL, which is based in Boston, USA, launched the new collection of premium mattresses and beddings “ALL NEW SPRING AIR 2017″ at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta on 22 September 2016. This luxurious event was held by Massindo Group, license holder of Spring Air brand in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and Vietnam. More than 500 guests attended the event from various cities across Indonesia as well as VIP guests from Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Egypt, France, Luxembourg, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

“This year we are celebrating SPRING AIR’s 90th anniversary since it was established by Mr. Francis Karr in 1926 in the US. Through this event, we are introducing the SmartComfort (interchangeable – individual Comfort) system to the world,” said Spitzer.

SmartComfort is the latest innovation of SPRING AIR that allows consumers to individually adjust the level of firmness of their mattresses according to their body profile and sleeping habit, up to 16 different level of firmness. Not just that, two people sleeping in the same SPRING AIR mattress with SmartComfort feature could have different level of firmness, adjusted to their preference. SmartComfort is internationally patented and can only be found in SPRING AIR products.

John Cillen, executive from Latexco – Belgium, added that SPRING AIR 2017 use Latex PULSE from Belgium that is processed using SonoCore technology that has the best firmness, density, and air circulation based on independent test by TÜV Insitute from Germany.

“Laboratory testing by TÜV Institute from Germany shows that in 10 hours simulation usage of Latex PULSE there are no changes in its firmness and density. In fact, in extreme testing condition, where various type of latex were pressed up to 50% of its original density and heated at 70 degrees Celsius for 22 hours, latex PULSE only lost 2.55% of its density. Other types of latex, Talalay that was developed in the 1930s lost more than 9% of its density, and Dunlop Latex lost more than 5% of its density,” said Cillen.

In the FOUR SEASONS and BACK SUPPORTER series, Spring Air 2017 collection use delicate fabric decorated with gold and silver threads using Nano Silver Technology “Argentum+” from fabric factory BekaertDeslee in Belgium.

“Argentum+ has a cooling effect, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic,”said Laurent Panelli, French born executive who represents BekaertDeslee in this exclusive SPRING AIR launch event.

Jeffri Massie, President Director of Massindo Group, said he is very proud to become part of the success of SPRING AIR INTERNATIONAL that is present in 40 countries. SPRING AIR 2017 collection has arrived in Indonesia and can be enjoyed by Indonesian premium customers since this launching event. Further information about the collection can be accessed through the website, and products will soon be available in SLEEP Center stores and Spring Air agents across Indonesia.


SPRING AIR was founded in US by Francis Karr since 1926. SPRING AIR is the pioneer of so many bedding technologies that very useful for the consumer all around the world. In 1926 SPRING AIR invented free-end offset spring design, which adjusts to each sleeper’s weight, is now the most copied design in the bedding industry. Meanwhile in 1940s, SPRING AIR introduced button-free technology, quilted surfaces and extra-supportive bedding materials. In 1953, SPRING AIR began producing its “Health Center” mattress which featured zones for different areas of the body. The Pillow Top mattress was introduced by SPRING AIR in 1973 and copied by all other brands in the world.SPRING AIR based in Boston, USA. SPRING AIR has 13 domestic factories in the USA and operate in more than 40 countries worldwide. In the beginning of 2016. SPRING AIR INTERNATIONAL and Massindo Group introduced the icon of it’s 90th anniversary, The Chattam & Wells “THE THRONE” in Las Vegas, USA. “The Throne” uses more than 10,000 pocket springs made from very durable steel, consisting of 6 layers of pocket-spring series in various size and height divided into 14 zones. This flag ship product of Spring Air is the most exotic ever. On top of the support system, there are all kind of exotic natural ingredients as its comfort layers: natural cashmere, natural wool, natural silk, natural horse hair, Flexi-Cup latex from Belgium and gel-infused memory foam layer.  The Chattam & Wells “The Throne” is covered with luxurious custom-design-700-gram-water-&-stain-repellent-knitted Cashmere fabric from Belgium, high quality satin fabric, genuine leather and genuine suede.  The Throne becomes more majestic-looking when combined with a grand Baroque’s-style-strong mahogany wood headboard and bed step stool, covered with genuine leather. It is also embedded with 24k gold coated emblem and genuine Swarovski crystals as the final touch to make The Throne looks even classier, worthy for kings and queens. In the US “The Throne” is sold at at price of USD 30,000.- / set.

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