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Massindo Group Opens in Singapore

  • 22nd December 201422/12/14
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Singapore, 17th of December, 2014 – Massindo Group is now expanding its market internationally by opening a gallery and its first branch office in Singapore on Wednesday, 17th of December, 2014, and with that, Massindo Group now has a total of 21 branch offices. Massindo Group’s first gallery is located inside the Courts Megastore, 50 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore.

In order to penetrate the market in Singapore, Massindo Group relies on its two

premium brands: Spring Water and Therapedic. Comforta, Massindo Group’s largest national brand, was also successfully introduced to the people of Singapore.

Leading up to the implementation of “Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN” (MEA), the Asean Economic Community, at the end of 2015, Massindo Group plays an active role in the international business competition. “After opening 20 branches in Indonesia up to the end of 2014, Massindo Group now enters the next big market in the neighboring country, “said Jeffri Massie, President Director Massindo Group.

Jeffri stated that although Singapore is a country of only 5 million people, the country’s income per capita is the fourth highest in the world (World Bank, 2013; Wikipedia). A lot of the Indonesian and Malaysian families make Singapore as their shopping source and reference or even as their second home.

After Singapore, Massindo Group targets Malaysia, a country that has a lot of similarities with Indonesia, as the next country for its expansion. Massindo Group is a national company which not only focuses on the domestic market, but also penetrates the international market as one of the strategies in developing its spring bed business. All three products of Massindo Group (Spring Air, Therapedic dan Comforta) will be gradually

available in many Court stores in Singapore and they will also be available in Malaysia in the next few months of 2015.

“By opening the first international branch of Massindo Group in Singapore, we hope that we are getting closer in achieving the mission of Massindo Group: Improving Families Quality of life in the Community. This is not only for the people of Indonesia but also for the people of the world, “said Jeffri.

Despite the fuel price increase in Indonesia, Massindo Group is still able to continue its business expansion vigorously by setting up Sleep Centers and a couple of new branches inside and outside of Indonesia in 2014.

“We predict that Indonesia’s market condition in 2015 will be similar to its market condition in 2014. A lot of things and conditions will remain the same. There will be new problems arising but there will also be new opportunities opening. We are doing our best for the development of the company and for the service towards a wider community. The fuel price increase in Indonesia has clearly affected people’s buying power and the company’s expenses. Therefore, we are calculating the price adjustment but at the same time we are also making sure that we apply efficiency in all areas so that the price of our products is still affordable for everyone, “he further explained.

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