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Massindo Awards 2016 – Four Season Hotel Shanghai

Thursday, July 14, 2016. Located in Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai at Puxi in China, Spring Air International celebrated its 90th anniversary. The commemoration was held in conjunction with the spectacular Massindo Awards 2016. All the best dealers of Massindo Group across Indonesia attended the big event. Also present during the event were the international guests from Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, India, the United States, and China.

In this special moment, Massindo Group unveiled the iconic mattress line-up for Spring Air’s 90th anniversary, which were Chattam and Wells The Throne, before its top retailers. As expected, the annual event still got more surprises. Massindo Group also launched Spring Air’s latest collections from Four Seasons line. The latest Four Seasons collection not only left all of the attendees speechless but also intrigued. The mattress offers up to 16 different level of comfort.

In that night’s festive vibe, Eric Spitzer as Chief Operating Officer Spring Air International also introduced the new logo of Spring Air. The new logo describes that Spring Air is a world-class premium mattress brand. In his speech, Eric D. Spitzer also presented a world map that shown Spring Air’s presence in more than 40 countries around the world.

“Along with its stronger presence across the world, Spring Air also has better chances to become a global brand with more uniform products and communication strategies.  It was exactly what Massindo Group has achieved. They have successfully established a standardized approach, creating a uniform product and communication strategy in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, China, Sri Lanka, and even in the United States. This is a very positive progress in our 90th anniversary.” Eric explained.

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