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Make a Healthy Sleep

Dream for a healthier life is the desire of every individual. One aspect to get healthy, adequate rest, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Good rest is sleep regularly every day for approximately eight hours. This has become a major concern PT Massindo International, creating a comfortable bed for every individual with different personalization.

Jeffri Massie, President Director of PT Massindo International in charge of several brands such as, Comforta, Therapedic, Spring Air and Myside who share stories about, how to enjoy a healthy sleep with several choices of products range.

Business Entrepreneur

Jeffri friends in childhood dreams of becoming a pilot, doctor, police, architects, not so with Jeffri Massie, he aspires to become business entrepreneur. Since 13 years old, while sitting in class, Jeffri often assist parents in charge of maintaining the store which sell foam, sofa and some other furniture, That is where he learned a lot to become a business entrepreneur. Time goes finally Jeffri Massie decided to continue the study to United States for 1.5 years and returned to Indonesia for a full-time internship in Massindo, to apply business knowledge in his parents company. “Then he went again to the United States, specifically to the Ohio State University to deepen Business Finance for 2 years. In 1997, Jeffri back to Indonesia and officially joined Massindo. At that time I step on 22 years old,” recalls Jeffri. Now responsibility as President Director, is part of his goal, to be a successful business entrepreneur.

30th Anniversary Massindo Group

Massindo founded 30 years ago by Jeffrie William Massie parents, started from a store that sells foam products, named Jaya Foam and Jaya Sofa. Since 1992 Massindo began to focus on mattress business with Comforta brand, which until now known to many people around the country. As the years passed, now Massindo International received many awards from some of hard work in this business field. In 2011, the Comforta bed manufacturer awards as company with the largest partner of 1,000 active dealers from TERA Foundation and the Seputar Indonesia Daily. Later in the same year, Comforta Spring Bed crowned as the Most Preffered Brand Bedding category of Bintang Home tabloid that absolutely chosen by readers through questionnaire distributed for 3 consecutive months.

Personalized Bedding

Many consumers wonder, mat or bed brands and types that is good and convenient to use? The answer to that question can be found in Massindo with the fact that products such as Comforta, Therapedic, Spring Air and Myside has its own way to choose consumer, that is tailored to needs and funds owned by consumer. Each range of products made in detail, consumers simply adjust the diagram that has been created through survey conducted over years. Type, price, design and brand of mattress or bed can be adjusted appropriately, so that consumers may not choose the wrong type of mattress which is bought. Each brand has a design characters, materials and prices that can be tailored to consumer needs. Even now, Massindo has My Side, a mattress brand right and left sides adapted to personalize the user, so it is good for couples who have different sleep characteristics. “One important aspect of determining the quality of sleep is a match mattress that is used as needed,” said Jeffri for his closing statement.


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