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First Spring Bed Motif Batik in Indonesia

  • 25th August 201425/08/14
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Jakarta, August 26, 2014 – In the ‘Sleep in Beauty’ which was held at the Function Hall Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta on 23-28 August 2014, Comforta as a national brand of the most famous spring bed mattress launches Limited Edition Megamendung batik.

Spring bed with Megamendung Batik patterned is a Limited Edition spring bed issued by Comforta. Limited Edition spring bed will be produced only 50 units. “By using the motif of batik cloth, the market price is different from the type that is sold to general public, but still with a very affordable price for Indonesian,” said Raymond Arief, Regional Sales Manager – Retail Division Massindo Group.

Batik motif Megamendung selected by Comforta because it has cloud symbol that characterizes both and spring bed Comforta as a national brand as same as iconic Indonesian Batik.

Limited edition mattresses is also supported with features such as Comfort Spring Couple, Latex Layers, Convoluted Foam Layer, Extra Plus Support, Support Center, FlipFree, Side Support and Anti-Microbial & Fungus Cover. This advantage provides a level of comforts such as cushioned that gives the sensation of sleeping on a cloud.

Comforta Limited Edition can also be owned by people outside Jakarta. “We made a spring bed Batik with Megamendung motif by providing a unique code to identify each mattress collection. Our expectations with sales of 50 units, families in Indonesia will have a new collection and enrich their love of Indonesian products,” added Raymond.

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