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Comforta Received an Award from Kompas Gramedia Group

  • 30th April 201430/04/14
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Comforta, a national brand spring bed of Massindo Group, successfully brought home an award from iDea Rumah Award 2014, a prestigious event by Kompas Gramedia Group.  The event was held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan – South Jakarta, Thursday, April 17th.

In the award event which was attended by representatives from 86 different brands, Comforta was able to won the award in the Mattress category. “This award has again proven that Comforta is truly a trusted spring bed brand and has been used by many families in Indonesia,” said Timothy Purnomo, Corporate Brand Management Manager of Massindo Group.

The iDea Rumah Award 2014 was given to products that were able to achieve above 10 percent index of the Readers’ Choice of Brand. By using a non-random sampling survey system and with a total correspondent number of 4.915 people from iDEA magazine and RUMAH tabloid, 1.412 brand names appeared and were mentioned by the correspondents. The survey questionnaire was spread around Java, Sumatera, Sulawesi and Bali area with correspondents ranging from 25-49 year-old and SES (Socio Economic Status) A+B+C.

There were 2 criteria used to measure the Readers’ Choice index in the survey, Favorite Index and Last Usage Index. Favorite Index is a measuring tool to see how a brand is chosen to be a favorite by the readers. The Last Usage Index is a tool to seewhat brand was last purchased and used.

“This award is a platform for us to acknowledge the quality of a brand or product and encourage further innovation. The iDea Rumah Awards are Reader’s Choice awards which are given by iDEA Magazine and Rumah Tabloid to readers’ choice of brands. The result was taken from a 3-month survey which was done from January to March 2014. The brands had a total 30 categories including brands of building materials, home appliances, cleaners, banks that provide mortgage and many more. This event can also be an evaluation of how the industrial players have performed so far, “said Alois Wisnuhardana, Editor in Chief of RUMAH Tabloid and iDEA Magazine.

“The achievement shows how the brands and products are relatively known in the society, especially to the readers of iDea Magazine and Rumah Tabloid. It also shows the seriousness of the management to be accepted in the midst of the marketplace, “added Wisnu.

The iDea Rumah Award 2014 for Comforta is a proof that this national mattress brand of Massindo Group has truly been accepted by Indonesia families. This is also supported by the vigorous effort of Massindo Group in opening its Sleep Center showrooms in all parts of Indonesia. Massindo Group owns a total of 23 showrooms at present and targets to open another 50 Sleep Center showrooms throughout Indonesia in 2017.

Comforta’s vigorous innovation and marketing strategies which are carried through the BTL (Below The Line) and ATL (Above The Line) channel has made Comforta to be even more well-known by the people of Indonesia.

Besides Comforta, a couple of other famous brands such as LG, Sharp, Toto Kitchen, Ace Hardware, Wipol, Bank BTN, Panasonic, Bellezza, Asia Tile, Essenza, Semen Tiga Roda, Krisbow, Dulux, Jayaboard, Karangpilang and many more also received the iDea Rumah Awards 2014 in various categories.

An event like the iDea Rumah Award 2014 has a significant meaning for Comforta because it is one of the parameter to assess how intimate and trustworthy Comforta has been to the community.

“We hope that this kind of award-giving event can take place regularly and the result is valid, without any manipulation, so that Comforta spring bed, along with other brands in Indonesia can continue to create and grow their products, sales and marketing, “said Timothy.

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