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Comforta Once Again Won The Home Preferred Brand 2013 Award

Comforta, one of the Massindo Group’s top brands, was awarded the Home Preferred Brand 2013 in a prestigious event by Tabloid Bintang Home.  It was held at the Ice Palace Ciputra World, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan – South Jakarta, Wednesday (9/10).

It is the third year in a row for Comforta to successfully win the Home Preferred Brand award since 2011.  On the awarding ceremony, Comforta won four awards; The Best Bedding Design, The Best Bedding Comfort, The Best Healthy Mattress, and The Most Preferred Brand in 2013. This is the proudest moment that Comforta was chosen to receive The Most Preferred Brand 2013 award among other famous brands.

The assessment for this award was tough. It was done through questionnaires that was placed in the tabloid Bintang Home for a three consecutive months in eight editions. The vote was 90% came from the jreaders and 10% from internal assessment of Tabloid Bintang Home. Bintang Home is a tabloid of homes and building material owned by Ciputra Group, one of the largest property developers in Indonesia. The tabloid’s circulation is relatively large, 125,000 copies in one edition.

Jeffri Massie, President of Massindo Group said, “We are thankful and grateful for the trust and community support to our product, Comforta, shown through this award. We believe that building a successful brand takes hard work and a long term commitment so that consumers’ needs and demand can be fulfilled so well that later it becomes the only brand sought by the consumers.”

The proudest moment when Comforta won these four awards, it stands with many major brands among others Dulux Paint, LG Electronics, Philip Lighting, Indocement, Toto Sanitary.

The event like Home Preferred Brand 2013, said Jeffri, has a great meaning for Comforta because it is one of the parameters to assess the extent to which people’s trust and closeness to Comforta.

Jeffri added, “The award like Home Preferred Brand Award 2013 will continue to make Comforta do its best to maintain and increase the customers’ satisfaction and trust as the only brand sought by Indonesian people.”

“To maintain the brand, there should be a continuous innovation so that the brand could provide products that are always relevant to consumers’ constantly change needs. Therefore, consumer’s insight is one of the main recipe to create relevant innovations,” said Jeffri.

Beside innovation, effective communication approach, both through advertising and brand activation is also important to maintain and increase the brand’s awareness. A good product without an effective communication, probably will not give an optimal result.

Comforta spring bed is a national brand that has been trusted by millions of Indonesian as the preferred mattress. This top brand by Massindo Group has been in business for 30 years. To date, the products have been spread around Indonesia through a network of factories and equitable distribution. Beside private consumers, Comforta is also trusted by some three-star, four-star and five-stars hotel chains.  There is no doubt about the comfort of Comforta mattress.  In fact, it attracts attention from consumers outside Indonesia such as Australia, Japan, New Macedonia and the Philippines.

About Massindo Group 

Massindo Group is a company engaged in bedding industry that has been established  since 1983.  The brands under Massindo Group has proven its quality, and trusted by Indonesian people. The brands are: MySide, Spring Air, Therapedic, Comforta, and Protect-A-Bed.

Todate, Massindo Group exists in 15 major cities in Indonesia with 13 factories and 2 distribution warehouses; Medan, Pekanbaru, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Jakarta, Denpasar, Makassar, Kendari, Palu, Gorontalo, Manado, Kotamobagu and Ternate.

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