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Comforta Inaugurates Opening of 14th Factory in Semarang

  • 28th May 201428/05/14
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Jakarta, May 28, 2014 – To meet increasing demand of domestic mattress, Massindo Group formally established a new mattress factory, Monday (26/5). 14th plant is located on Jalan Gatot Subroto Candi Industrial Area, Semarang. The opening of this factory emphasized that Massindo Group is the largest bedding companies in Indonesia.

The factory which stands on an area of ​​3.800m2, has a complete mattress assembly plant so it can produce the mat with good and qualified quality. With the existence of this plant, Massindo Group believes it can increase its mat production capacity in Indonesia per year.

“Sales growth in the Central Java region grew rapidly during the last 5 years. The number of dealers also increased a lot. The market opportunity is still very large with many cities and counties in Central Java. That is the reason that make Massindo Group opened a factory in Semarang,” said Jeffri Massie, President Director Massindo Group.

The factory in Semarang also indirectly support economic growth in the country. Massindo Group opens new job opportunities for the residents of Semarang and surrounding areas, ranging from the management staff to production staff,. The resulting product is also used for community needs, especially Central Java, Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.

The inauguration of Massindo Group factory in Semarang, attended by Jeffri Massie, President Director Massindo Group, Witarsa ​​Sugeng, Group Director Massindo Group in Western Indonesia Region, Peter William Regional Massindo Group Factory Manager in Western Indonesia Region, Sugi Johan Liu, Indirect Regional Sales Manager Massindo Group in Western Indonesia Region, Albert Aryawan, Regional General Manager of Spring Water and Therapedic and Nelman Nainggolan, Regional HR & GA Manager Massindo Group in Western Indonesia Region.

With the new plant, in the future Massindo Group hopes to provide better service. “Our plan in 2014 is, Massindo Group will add factory / warehouse distribution as much as 3 locations in the second quarter. It is intended that service to the consumer will be more rapid and more widespread to the every corner of the region. So that someday Massindo Group brands will become closer in the heart of Indonesian families,” said Jeffri.

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