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When Research and Technology Unite, Sound Sleep at Night No Longer Became Dream

  • 23rd December 201323/12/13
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Jakarta, March 22, 2013– Buying a new bed mattress can be a very confusing process. After spending countless hours trying to lie down and sleep at variety of different mattress and tried to make comfortable, no one wants to find that after selecting the mat, they actually realize that they have chosen the wrong product.

One attempt to match buyers to perfect mattress according to personal comfort, Kingsdown Inc., a top 10 bed producer, introducing their latest technology, namely bedMATCH™ in mattress stores nationwide.

“bedMATCH ™ is the smart way to choose a mattress using the latest technology and information based on the latest research about sleep to change the way people shopping and choosing a mattress that is suitable for them,” said Director of Sleep to Live Institute and a leading researcher also related to sleep problems, Dr. Robert Oexman, D.C. “Similar with popular dating sites, shoppers answer some basic questions in the store, lying on a diagnostic mattress to determine their size, and bedMATCH™ system will recommend potential mattress. In addition to the selection process, it is a pleasant experience to marry sleep with science in search of the best bed and pillow choices necessary to get a sound sleep.”

Culmination of research and development for 15 years and 6 million profiles, bedMATCH ™ system uses 18 statistical measurements and over 1,000 calculations to help consumers determine the best mattress and pillow options that are appropriate for their body type. Product display and convenience of a wide variety of manufacturers programmed into each bedMATCH™ machine. Recommendations that have been printed will provide an easy reference guide for sales people and potential buyers to help choose the best mattress brand and in accordance with posture support requirements. Before placing in bedMATCH™ system, brand and collection of mattress should be qualified and certified from the Institute of Sleep to Live. BedMATCH™ Technology can be found at Sleep Center locations that have been selected.

Based on research related to sleep – including research “Mattress Matters” is done with the collaboration between the Research Triangle International and Doctors Krystal and Edinger – Kingsdown, Inc. in collaboration with researchers and technicians Sleep to Live Institute to develop an unique and innovative diagnostic system that uses statistical measurements and calculations to help consumers choose the best mattress for their sleep needs.

“The cooperation between Kingsdown Inc. USA with Massindo Group is a synergy that is very perfect. bedMATCH™ makes the process of choosing a bed becomes very easy because it is supported with computer technology and highly sophisticated sensors. My Side provide solutions for many couples who have been forced to compromise with a mattress that is too hard or too soft because of different partner needs. Massindo Group has experienced organization for 30 years in the bedding industry, extensive marketing network in Indonesia and internationally certified manufacturing facilities.”, said Jeffri Massie, President Director of Massindo Group.

“We are honored to be able to deliver our products in Indonesia, because we are working with those who share their values with Kingsdown Inc. Exclusively with Massindo Group, we bring innovation and personalization of bed supported by science.”, said Solveiga Adams, Brand Manager My Side USA.

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