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Celebrate the 11th Anniversary, Massindo Surabaya Holds Blood Donation

  • 23rd December 201323/12/13
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Started in 2013, Massindo Surabaya greeted by organizing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the form of blood donation. Activities undertaken by Massindo Surabaya has become one of important activities to uphold the meaning of caring for each other.

In the blood donation event took place in Massindo Surabaya Jl. By Pass Krian Km. 33.3, Sidoarjo, East Java (18/01), Massindo Surabaya in cooperation with the local Indonesian Red Cross.

“The blood donor event is the first CSR activities from our company, and will be our regular program in each year. Blood donation is at once in order to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Massindo Surabaya and my 33rd birthday” said Jackson Massie, Director of Massindo Group.

Jackson explained, blood donation activity is followed by all management and employees. From 85 people who signed up, but the total blood bags obtained only 35 bags. Thus it happened because many prospective patients who failed to donate at the time of medical tests due to several factors, such as weakened body condition, low HB and weight have not meet the standards of Indonesian Red Cross.

The idea of blood donation is actually appeared along with the development of news about the blood supply crisis in East Java province. Thus, the overall blood bags obtained from Massindo Surabaya CSR activities, the plan will be distributed to those in need.

“Blood donation is also a sign that Massindo Group exists not because interests of company alone, but also for wider community. And this is one proof that Massindo Group cares about the surrounding area,” said Jackson.

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