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Massindo Group Enlarge Superfit and Comforta Factory in Makassar and Semarang

  • 21st August 201521/08/15
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Sales of COMFORTA, mattress spring bed that has won many awards in Indonesia, continued speeding. COMFORTA has been available in all provinces in Indonesia through more than 1,000 leading furniture stores and has also been available in Singapore since 2014. In the midst of the economic slowdown in Indonesia, Massindo Group continues to push sales aggressively through launch of new COMFORTA products that looks more modern and using stronger spring-loaded stainless steel. Massindo Group also launched SUPERFIT, spring mattresses that are affordable for general public through the entire marketing network.

No wonder that sales COMFORTA and SUPERFIT drives the economic in the midst of economic slowdown in Indonesia. So that, Massindo Group has significantly increased the plant capacity of SUPERFIT and COMFORTA in Semarang and Makassar to 3 times larger. COMFORTA and SUPERFIT factory in Makassar equipped with modern machines and is designed to be able to send products to the entire region of eastern Indonesia, either in the form of finished goods (Built Up) and intermediate goods (Completely Knocked Down) to other cities. The factory in Makassar has a land area of ​​8500 m2 and provide jobs for more than 100 employees.

“We hope the Indonesian business continues to evoke the spirit of the Indonesian economy through product innovation, improvement of distribution  network, and development of service quality for the community. People tend increasingly critical choosing quality of product with good value-for-money. COMFORTA and SUPERFIT are answers which are given by Massindo Group related with today economic context in Indonesia.”, said Mr. Jeffri Massie, President Director of Massindo Group. Group Director of Massindo Group, Mr. Jackson Massie pointed out that the Makassar location is very strategic as a central production and distribution to Eastern Indonesia.

Massindo Group was founded in 1983 by Mr. and Mrs. William Massie and now has operated in 21 cities in Indonesia and has developed the first branch abroad, namely in Singapore. COMFORTA spring bed has won numerous awards, among others TOP BRAND AWARDS 2015 BEST BEDDING from 2011 to 2014, MASTER BRAND, 2014, iDEA RUMAH AWARDS 2014. Indonesian can get more information through

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